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Improvements on the way

Posted by mckTXaws101 on June 18, 2013 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Matt here of Skywatch, After weeks of planning I'm going to make some improvements to the weather station. I've repaired the camera for the outside setup. I rigged it up with an outdoor enclosure to keep rain out and this should also help get better shots durring the rain instead of the images getting blotted up.


I've also purchased a new wind sensor array. Using NRG sensors mounted on a cross arm. The anemometer is NIST certified. Lab calibrated for best accuracy. The sensors are also sensitive to lighter winds that the old sensor was insensitive to.


The wind sensors are waiting to be installed. Later in the week I'm going to recieve the interface for the sensors to get them hooked up.


Here are some photos of the equipment



The wind sensors and camera should go up later in the week. Durring this process the station will go offline while the station is worked on. And will come back better than ever.





Camera unit in homemade enclosure. The enclosure has a built in fan to help regulate the internal temperature and keep everything from overheating


New wind sensors.