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Welcome to Skywatch McKinney, My name is Matt McGee owner of Skywatch weather station. I began monitoring the weather back in 2004 using a few instruments. In 2006 I turned this into a routine bike route where I would record wind temperature and humidity at several locations at different times. Wasn't long before this got to be a chore. I went back to at home weather monitoring and continued to manually take records at home. In 2009 I got my weather station setup and began reporting to Wunderground CWOP and
PWS weather. In 2011 I bought a Vantage Pro2 weather station and using Weather Display software was able to take the weather watching hobby a few steps up. Really fun hobby to get into.



Here is my weather station. On the top left hand side of the pole is the anemometer. On the other side is the solar and UV sensors. Under the anemometer is the weather camera. The item on the lower part of the pole is the rain/temperature/humidity and transmitter. This reports wirelessly back to the indoor console.